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Company Logo

In Company Settings, you can include a company logo.


  1. Add a company logo

    • Click the blue Edit button on the bottom right of the Company Details page, then Choose File.

  2. Edit a company logo

    • On the Edit company logo screen, place your mouse pointer inside the crop box (blue outline) then click and hold. Drag the crop box using the crosshair to reposition and center your company logo.

    • Adjust the size of the crop box by clicking on and holding one of the four sides of the crop box or by clicking and holding a blue node.

    • Once your logo is centered and appears per your standard, click the Use this crop button.

    • The logo will appear in the Edit Company Details section.

    • To save this change, click the Save button at the bottom of the Company Details page.


📍 Note: The logo function accepts standard image file types. JPG and PNG file types provide the best results. Images sized 300px x 300px are optimal.
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