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Creating A Company Schedule

This will teach you how to create schedules for your company. Creating a company schedule within The Conversion Cloud is important when using the Schedule Genie App. 


📍Note: The schedule you create will populate through the app when selected and show the prospects available time slots that work with your business hours and staff schedules.


Go to Company > Schedules 


1. Click on “Create a Schedule”.

  • When creating a new schedule, default times and time zones are automatically populated as a frame of reference.

2. Name, Time Zone, & Holidays

  • Name and customize the schedule to match the hours of operation by changing the default settings.
    • Select the time zone in which you are located.
    • Select the holiday calendar that you would like to be paired with your schedule.
    • Customize the work start time, lunchtime, and work end time for Sunday-Saturday.

3. To save time, you can utilize the “Copy | Reset” functions to the far left of this section.

  • If you want to change up the time on a specific day, go ahead and click “Reset” and it will bring it back to the time it was filled with originally.
  • For example: If you’re filling out the information for Sunday and the times are the same for the rest of the week, click on “Copy” right next to Sunday and it will auto-fill all days with the same times

4. Day Off

  • If you have a day where you’re closed or won’t be available for a tour or showing go ahead and click “Day Off” on the far right of the day.

5.  Lastly, click on “Save changes” to save the new schedule.

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