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Best Price Now Settings
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Grab the attention of website visitors and provide an immediate trade-in value!


Activate or Deactivate Best Price Now

Activate Best Price Now by toggling the Off/On switch. The Active toggle replaces the Active checkbox and more clearly displays a live or active Best Price Now app. A green toggle indicates an active app while a white toggle indicates an inactive app.

  1. Log in to the Dashboard.

  2. Scroll down to and click the Apps tab on the side menu, then click Best Price Now.

  3. The Best Price Now page opens.

  4. Click on the Active/Inactive toggle at the top right of the screen to Activate or Deactivate Best Price Now. 

    • Green toggle: Active and visible on the website.

    • White toggle: Inactive and not visible on the website.



Setting Up Best Price Now

  1. Log in to the Dashboard.

  2. Scroll down to and click the Apps tab on the side menu, then click Best Price Now.

  3. The Best Price Now page opens.

  4. Complete the form to setup Best Price Now. Reference the following for more information about each field:

    • Best Price Offer

      • Title: The text to appear on the widget when minimized or collapsed.


      • Button Title (Call to Action): The text to be displayed after a customer submits vehicle information. This text is embedded with the link in the following field, Offer URL.

      • Offer URL: The website URL to where a customer is delivered to obtain more information about the trade-in offer. This link is embedded in the Button Title (Call to Action) text. Example: Find out today!


    • Trade Multiplier:

      Enter a value between 0.1 - 1.9 with 1.0 being equal to 100 percent. The original evaluation given to a vehicle is multiplied by the High, Average, and Low Trade Multiplier values.
      • High: Input the largest value to provide the highest trade-in value for a customer's vehicle.

      • Average: Input the median value to provide an average trade-in value for the vehicle.

      • Low: Input the lowest value to provide the lowest amount a customer might receive for their trade-in.


  5. Complete the Prospect Qualification Questions by following the steps on this page.


  6. Review the Best Price Now Notifications and determine how leads should be delivered to the CRM by following the steps on this page.


  7. Click the Save button.


🗒 Note: This tool can assist in gaining an advantage over competitors by adjusting the multiplier and estimated trade-in amount.


🚨 To override the company’s default notification email or CRM/ILM configuration, place a check in the checkbox at the bottom of the page above the Preview Email button. Any leads or appointments generated through the Schedule Genie™ app will be sent to the associated emails and CRM configuration. 🚨

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