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Customer Settings

The Customer Settings section allows you to set up your menu title, call to action text and URL, and trade multipliers.


1. Menu Title

  • Enter into this field what you’d like to appear as your widget title. This will be the text that is displayed while the widget is collapsed and at the top while it is expanded.

2. Close CTA Title

  • This field will create a Call To Action button that appears after the customer has submitted their information for evaluation. Enter what text you’d like to be displayed.
  • This option is used to direct the customer to a website link such as a company home page or current inventory.

3. Close CTA URL

  • Enter the URL you would like the Call To Action button to deliver to upon completion.

4. High, Average, and Low Trade Multiplier

  • Enter a value between 0.1 - 1.9 with 1.0 = 100%. This value will multiply the original evaluation given to a car based on the values you input into the high, average, and low trade multiplier fields.
    • The high trade multiplier should hold the largest value. (i.e. It will offer the lead a higher trade-in value for their vehicle.)
    • The average trade multiplier number should be the median value for the leads trade-in vehicle.
    • The low trade multiplier will hold the lowest value and indicates the lowest amount the lead will receive for their trade-in vehicle.​​​​​​​
  • Use this tool to adjust prices to gain an advantage over your competitors.
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