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User Management Roles

Your company role determines the level of access or permissions granted in Conversion Cloud. As Company Admin, you have the ability to assign members to your team and modify company information. As Company Light, you will have the ability to view and export leads lists. You can find your role type directly below your name on the upper left side of the TCC Dashboard upon logging in. 


📍Note: If the Company Admin is assigned to multiple companies, the Company Admin will have the ability to toggle between each company under the Companies tab. This is designated by an 'O' on the table below.


  Company Admin Company Light 
Toggle Between Properties/Companies O  
Create Users    
Modify User Roles     
Edit Company Details  x  
Edit Notification Settings  x  
Assign Users x  
Remove Users  x  
Create Employee Schedules  x  
Create Remote Authorization Keys for Calendar x  
View Leads Calendar x x
View Leads List  x x
View Lead Details  x  
Edit Customer Details  x  
Edit Appointments  x  
Export Leads x x
View Apps  x  
Create Apps  x  
Modify Apps x  
Activate/Deactivate Offers    
Edit App Order x  
Set Google Analytics  x  
Edit Widget Design  x  
Edit Widget Behavior  x  
Access to CLarity x  
Create CRM Configurations  x  
Upload to Matchback  x  
Edit Widget Code x  
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