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Schedule Genie™ Overview
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Provide customers with the ability to schedule an appointment at their convenience 24 hours a day. 


Set predefined appointment lengths, time slots, and more with the Schedule Genie™ app.


How to View or Modify Schedule Genie™ Settings

  1. Log in to the Dashboard.
  2. Scroll down to and click the Apps tab on the side menu, then click Schedule Genie™
  3. The Schedule Genie™ app opens in the main window.


Create custom calls to action in the widget settings and entice customers to schedule an appointment. Configure the app's settings to set the length of an appointment, the time between each appointment, how many appointments can be scheduled per day, and the timeframe in which an appointment can be scheduled. The app will also reference a selected Availability schedule to calculate and create the daily available appointment time slots. The Schedule Genie™ app also provides the ability to increase the number of appointments available per time slot and include questions to assist the team in preparing for the appointment.


Additionally, notification settings within the Schedule Genie™ app allow the team to personalize and brand the entire customer experience. From creating custom text messages to confirm appointments to ensuring the correct team members are notified of the new customer request. Teams can even integrate or link a Google or Outlook calendar


For additional customizations to the email that is automatically sent to customers after requesting an appointment, see the Create & Modify App Email Templates article.


🚨 To override the company’s default notification email or CRM/ILM configuration, place a check in the checkbox at the bottom of the page above the Preview Email button. Any leads or appointments generated through the Schedule Genie™ app will be sent to the associated emails and CRM configuration. 🚨

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