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Knock CRM Integration
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The Knock CRM integration uses email parsing to send lead details to the Knock CRM system.


Function/Property Value
CRM Name- Type Knock CRM
Integration Type Email
Send Lead Yes
Update Lead No
Create Appointment Yes*
Update Appointment No
Comments  * Requires validation appointment is created.



Knock CRM Integration Requirements

Field Name


CRM Email

  • The CRM Email address is provided by the Knock user. This is the email address to send lead submissions so it is parsed by the Knock CRM.

  • CRM Emails field is located in Company > Settings > Notification Settings

  • Example: Knock CRM email address -

Community User Name

  • The Knock user provides the community user name. To locate the username, log into Knock admin and navigate to “Sources” then toggle the Property Name.  The username will be the text preceding the '-' of the tracking email. Example: Tracking email Username abcapts.

Source Parameter

  • This setting declares the type of lead to the Knock system and matches a setting in the software.

  • The most common Source Parameter is "w" for "Property Website.” However, validate the Source Parameter with the Knock user.



  • Reuses all fields listed for the HTML Integration: CRM Emails | CC Emails | Reply-to Email

  • Definition: Email Parser

    • An email parser is a piece of software that allows the extraction of data from incoming emails. Email parsers can be configured to pull specific data fields from incoming emails.

    • This allows the conversion of an unstructured email into easy-to-handle structured data.

  • The Knock CRM uses or accepts the first five lines in the email as seen below. This creates the guest card.

    • Sender First Name: Jane
      Sender Last Name: Doe
      Sender Email:
      Sender Phone: 5558675310
      Desired Move-In Date: 2019-04-28

    • Nothing below line 5 will be extracted into the Knock guest card fields, but leasing teams will still be able to view the contents in the email itself.

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