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Calendar Rules

The “Calendar Rules” section, within Schedule Genie, affects the time slots prospects can schedule appointments from. In this section, you can customize appointment lengths, number of appointments per day, and time in between appointments. 


📍Note: The Company Admin can make changes to this section. 


This section allows you to decide all of the following: 


  1. How long each appointment should be, in minutes?

    • Set the desired duration time of your appointments/tours.

  2. How much time there should there be between appointment start times, in minutes?

    •  Allow time to gather your notes from the previous appointment and to prepare for the next. 

  3. How many appointments are available for each time slot? 

    • Choose how many prospects can schedule an appointment for the same time slot. 

    • Base this on the number of Leasing Agents available. 

  4. Maximum number of appointments per day. Choose 0 if there is no limit. 

    • Limit the number of appointments that can be scheduled in a day to create consistency for your leasing agents.  

  5. Number of appointments available for each time slot per week.

    • Select the number of appointments that will be available per timeslot per day.

    • For example, if you have 3 Leasing Agents who work on M, W, F, you can schedule more appointments on those days compared to T, Th, Sat, & Sun with only 2 Leasing Agents.

  6. Should we remove a Time Slot from the Calendar if the Time Slot is reserved or unavailable?

    • Check the box to have the appointment time that a prospect has selected to be removed as an option for other prospects. 

  7. How soon can a prospect schedule an appointment? 

    • Choose how soon a prospect can schedule an appointment. (i.e. can they schedule same-day appointments?) 

      • To view a video on setting up buffer times, click HERE.

    • For example, If you select +1 hour, and someone opens the widget at 9 am to schedule an appointment on that same day, the earliest time they can select is 10 am.

      • If you select +1 day, and the prospect opens the widget at 9 am, the earliest they can schedule an appointment is 9 am for the following day.

  8. How far in the future can a prospect schedule an appointment? 

    • Schedule how far in advance prospects can schedule appointments. 

      • Based on the value you select, the dates and times available will be changed or unavailable if the prospect tries to schedule ahead too far in advance.

  9. How should we deliver the lead? 

    • Select how you would like the appointment confirmation email to be sent. 

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